AquaNotes – A Waterproof Notepad for Your Shower

photo 2 I do some of my best thinking while in the shower, and I’m sure I’m not alone. It’s relatively quiet, the sound of the water is soothing, it’s warm and steamy, and its just you and your thoughts. But what do you do when a brilliant idea comes to mind? Do you jump out of the shower and quickly write it down, or do you stay in your shower, hoping you remember it when you finally get out? Why do either, when you can make note of it right away?

The people at AquaNotes were nice enough to send me waterproof notepads designed for the shower and the boat. Inside each pack is a waterproof notepad that uses suction cups to stick right to your shower wall as well as a pencil. Once placed in your shower, the notepad is right there for you to jot down your ideas as soon as they come to mind.

20130606_173659_resizedAquaNotes work just like any pad and paper, but with the benefit of being able to work while wet. I was amazed to see how well the waterproof pencil still wrote on the paper. Even after being completely soaked by the shower, the pencil worked just as it would on a dry notepad. Mistakes are nothing to worry about either. Just like your trusty number 2 pencil, the AquaNote pencil has an eraser that works amazingly well. I also noticed, I could wipe away my writing my rubbing my wet finger across the paper.

Unlike paper that dissolves in water, AquaNotes almost feel like they are made out of a plastic type substance. I couldn’t find out what the paper is made out of, but I am sure that’s a secret the people at AquaNotes are keeping to themselves. But I did find out AquaNotes paper is non-toxic and recyclable.

AquaNotes also sent me waterproof notepads designed for lovers (packaged with a cute red pencil) and a AquaNote designed for boaters. AquaNotes are also great for anyone who works outside in the elements. If they are ever working outside and are caught in the rain, they can still take down any notes they need.

Screen shot 2013-06-12 at 7.20.56 PMIf you’ve got kids, or you are more about fun and games in the shower, AquaNotes has you covered. They also offer wordsearch and maze versions.

If you’d like to get some AquaNotes for yourself, you can buy them today by logging onto their website.

DVD Extras:

AquaNotes were featured in a We Used That television segment showcasing Father’s Day gifts for Dad.


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