LED Bike Spoke Lights – All Smoke and Mirrors

We’ve all tricked out our bikes as kids. Some of us had tassels on the handlebars, beads on the spokes; or some of us used a baseball card and a clothes pin. But bike accessories have come along way. The latest trend are LED lights you can attach to your bike’s wheels to create patterns. But do they really work?

71RwemnP5kL._SL1001_Unfortunately, I  don’t think they are worth it. POLIYU sent us a paid of their spoke lights to try out. While they work, you are certainly not going to get the results you would think after looking at pictures online. The devices are simple. They are long narrow light bulb looking devices you attach to the air valve on your bike’s tires. Simply screw off the tire’s end car, and screw on the lights. The lights have built in sensors that will only turn it on when it’s dark.

3434If the conditions are right, it’s dark out, and you hit the right speed, the spoke lights will kick on, and patterns will begin to to appear as the lights spin around and around with the tires. At least that’s what you think will happen. But unless you’re bike is traveling the speed of a car, you’re not going to get the results you are expecting.

Here is where my issue with the product comes into play. When you look at the marketing photos, you think you’re going to get these really cool light patterns when you bike. But it’s far from that. Instead you will get a random strobe light spinning around as you ride your bike. I think to market these products, slow lens photography was used to give the desired effect, making you think that is what you will. But as you will see in my video below. That is not the case.


So are these worth it? I would say probably not. But if you’re willing to give them a shot, and take the $16 gamble, you can pick them up on Amazon.


We Used That was provided this item for the purpose of this review. 

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