The Best Projector Ever

Ok, so I cannot promise this is the best projector ever, but the SSLLKE Pocket Pico Projector is certainly close to perfection. SSLLKE sent us one to try out, and it has easily become one of our most favorite items.

IMG_7021For starters, this projector is incredibly small. It is about half the size of a soda can, but is a powerful as a project the size of a case of beer. Even though it is small, this projector is powerful enough for in the home, the backyard, or even work a work presentation. One might think, because it is small, it lack in quality, but that is far from the case. SSLLKE pulled out as many stops as possible with this projector, starting with it’s packaging.

IMG_7023The Pico projector comes with a carrying case with pretty much everything you would need to get started. Inside the padded case is your projector, a mini-tripod and stand, a remote, your power cable, as well as a Mini HDMI adapter and cable. The last two pieces are most important, as the Projector itself has only one video input. A Mini HDMI port. Without an adapter or a Mini to Regular HDMI cable, you will not be able to hook up your devices. The mini tripod is great in theory, but it only lifts the projector about 6 inches of the ground or table. I guess, it would work if you had it on a table, but I prefer to use the projector on a real camera tripod. It is much more durable and sturdy. Plus, it offers more options in terms of adjusting the projector’s height.

IMG_7026In terms of using the projector, set up and use is relatively easily. Unlike traditional projectors that have a zoom and focus dial, this item only has a focus ring. That means, if you want a larger picture, you need to move the projector farther from the screen. But you do not need to move it far to get big results. At just a few feet away, I was able to get a 70″ viewing screen with ease. Getting crisp, clean lines and text was easy. Just spin the small focus ring to get the desired results. While the projector also has a Micro SD slot to view pictures and videos, I prefer to hook up a laptop via the HDMI port. Set up for that was easy. I selected HMDI from the projector using the remote on built in controls, then fired up the laptop. While the projector does has a built in speaker, it is not worth using or even mentioning. I hooked up my computer up to some external speakers to get a more full sound. If you’d like, there is also a built in headphone jack on the projector for personal listening.

In terms of some of my favorite features of this projector, I like to save the best for last. In addition to having the HDMI input for your laptop and other devices, the micro SD slot for your pictures and videos; it also includes screen mirroring from your phone or tablet. Whether you have an iPhone or Android device, you can mirror your phone’s screen directly onto the projector. This is great for playing back videos from your phone, or even playing a few mobile video games.

The coolest thing about this projector that surprised me the most; It is battery powered! When I first received the item to test out, I had no idea it was battery powered, until I started playing around with it. While running through the menus, I noticed a littler battery icon in the top right corner. My curiosity got the best of me, so I quickly ran to the plus and unplugged the projector. It stayed on, and instantly, my excitement for this went from 10 to 100.

While the SSLLKE Pico Projector does come with a hefty price tag (about $270 on Amazon), I do think it’s well worth the price. The fact that you can take such a small device with you anywhere is amazing. I know I am looking forward to using this in the backyard for parties. I might even bring it along for our next camping trip.

This item was provided for free for the purpose of this honest and unbiased review.
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