About Us

Who are we?

10422415_10100319023800983_2351990519653833503_nThanks for stopping by. We are Sheri and Dave. We are the couple behind ‘We Used That.’ After blogging and maintaining our own personal websites, we came up with the concept of creating a website for both men and women. Combining our love of music, movies, make-up, gadgets health products, and everything in between; we decided to put together a  website that has a little something for everyone. But then came the task of trying to come up with a name. After many brain storming sessions we settled on ‘We Used That.” Here you can read what we personally think about the products that have come our way. Some we use everyday, some we use just for fun.


If there is anything you’d like to see reviewed on our website, or have a product pitch, please send us an email at WeUsedThat@gmail.com

Thank you so much for supporting us and WeUsedThat.com,

Sheri & Dave

It is WeUsedThat company policy not to accept any items on “consignment” or “loan” basis. No package will be accepted under these circumstances, and no waivers or contracts will be signed to such extent. We will not accept responsibility for oversight from you should items be sent with disregard to this policy. WeUsedThat will not be held accountable in any way for returning merchandise nor will any invoices be honored to cover any damages or other charges relative. Please mark all packages for delivery *without* a signature. Please forward all inquiries to me. This blog requires no fees with this opportunity, beyond providing the product for review/giveaway.
WeUsedThat will receive some products reviewed on this site for free through Tomoson.com. Regardless, products are fully tested before being honestly reviewed. Other products may be supplied to WeUsedThat directly from companies or through PR Firms and Agencies. WeUsedThat is in no way paid or given compensation for reviews, and are not given any incentives for its reviews.

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