LifeProof Cases – Protecting Your Most Expensive Devices

20130612_181040_resizedThe iPhone is one of the most popular phones in the world. I have been using one since the original came out back in 2007. Today, nearly all of my friends have one. But unfortunately, accidents happen. As a former Apple employee, I’ve seen many damaged or completely destroyed phones. With those broken phone comes an excuse as to why the phone broke. And I’ve heard some pretty good ones. Why should you let something similar happen to your phone? That’s where LifeProof comes in. The company has designed one of the best protective cases out there. Designed to protect your iPhone or iPad, from water, dirt, snow and falls, these cases are built for those who are active.

As soon as I equipped my iPhone 5 with its new case LifeProof was sent to me, the first thing I noticed was the size. Unlike some of the other cases designed to protect your phone from potentially deadly drops, LifeProof are form fitting, allowing them to be small while still providing protecting. That’s a huge plus, especially if you keep your phone in your pocket. Not only to LifeProof cases protect phones from falls, they are also shields from dirt and even water. That’s right, water. LifeProof cases make your phone waterproof up to 6 feet.

20130610_204255_resizedPerforming the water test on my phone was one of the scariest things I’ve done while testing a product. After testing the case beforehand, ensuring that it was in fact waterproof, it was time to drop my phone in some water. Sure enough it kept it bone dry. Being in Upstate New York, I can use my LifeProof case year round. I can use it in the summer, while on the beach, then in the winter when I am out hitting the slopes.

When the iPhone is in the LifeProof case, it is completely sealed in. But still, the phone operates just as it would without it. The buttons are still easily accessible and the ear piece and speaker are still loud and clear. That’s something you wouldn’t expect in something watertight. While I liked having the case on my phone, I did not like the front plastic covering the screen. While it fit snuggly against the top half of my iPhone, the bottom part was a little bubbly and loose. This made typing a little difficult and even frustrating at times. I am not sure if this is something that occurred on my case, or if it’s a common issue.

If you want even more protection on your phone, LifeProof has you covered. LifeProof users can now enroll in the Total Water Protection Program.  LifeProof users who get the protection will have their phone covered for for a full year against accidental water damage. That means if a device inside a LifeProof case still gets damaged by water (restrictions apply) LifeProof will cover the costs to have the device replaced or repaired. Right now you can only enroll in the program when you buy a case from LifeProof’s website. For an additional $10, it’s worth the extra coverage.

LifeProof also makes cases for iPads, and iPod Touches. To get a LifeProof case of your own, you can order one from their website, or you can find them at phone retailers and some big box stores across the country.

DVD Extras:

The LifeProof iPhone case was featured in a We Used That television segment showcasing Father’s Day gifts for Dad.

When we spoke to the people at LifeProof, there were no plans to make cases for other smartphones. However Otterbox recently purchased LifeProof. Could this mean cases for non-Apple devices in the future? We’ll have to wait and see.

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