All About That Bass – A Rugged Bluetooth Speaker

We have been reviewing bluetooth headset speakers routinely. But rarely does one surprise me as much as the AncordWorks Bluetooth Speaker. This rugged, single speaker, outdoor device can pair up to your phone or other devices, giving you a bass filled sound that you can truly take any where.

29920559_10101269030235473_1687460848_nUpon initial tests, what made this speaker stand out the most, was its rugged rubber design and its included caribiner clip, allowing you to attach the speaker to your coat, backpack, or even a belt loop. I found it easy to attach it to my jeans while doing some yard work, and it didn’t really get in the way or constrict any movements. Because the item is weather resistant, you can use it in the rain without any worry of damage.

Speaking of being weather resistant, AcordWorks also included a double sided suction cup, to allow you to bring your speaker  into the shower.  Since it’s weatherproof, you do not need to worry about all of your splish-slashing causing any issues.

29856082_10101269030150643_861812745_nBut let’s not forget one of the most important features of this speaker. It is not just for bluetooth. This speaker has a built-in micro SD card slot, that allows you to pop in your own MP3s, to bring your ultimate party mix anywhere with you. Using the included (That’s right, it comes with a free Micro SD card and writer) adapter, it easy. Simply plug in into your computer and drag and drop your mp3s to the card. Once you have your songs loaded, plug the SD card back into your speaker and listen away. The one issue I do have about playing MP3s, is there is no shuffle control. The songs appear to automatically play in what seems alphabetical order. I would much prefer songs to be randomly selected, but unfortunately that is not an option.

Since this is a bluetooth device, it can also be used to make calls when paired with your phone. Pairing this speaker to my iPhone 6 took seconds. Once paired, it was time to do a quick call test. Everything sounded great on my end. However, apparently there was so clicks and breakups on the other end when listening to me. I am not sure if that is an issue with my connection between the speaker, the mic on the speaker, or something else.

29920179_10101269032750433_1620503056_nSpeaking of the speaker, listening to music is really where this speaker shines. Because of its shape and size, you get a wide range of frequencies. You can enjoy a wide range of frequencies giving you a very nice sound. I also found that what you place the speaker on can really change the way things sound. I placed it on the dash of my car, and the sound bounced off the windshield perfectly.

For less than $26, the AncordWorks Bluetooth speaker is one not to be under estimated. You can order yours from Amazon today.

We received this item courtesy of AncordWorks for the purpose of this review.

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