iGotTech Tech Shield – Ballistic Glass iPhone Screen Protectors

phone 1The latest generation iPhone has been out for quite a bit of time now. When I purchased mine, I bought a case along with it. All of my phones have been put directly into a case after buying. My iPhone 6 was no different. But with the growing concern over screens breaking, scratching or shattering, people are always looking for ways to protect their phone’s delicate glass screen.

iGotTech was able to send me their Ballistic Glass Tech Shield for my iPhone 6 to test out. The screen protector offers a lifetime Guarantee and Edge to Edge, Shatterproof protection for your phone. While I like the idea of having a hard protective surface covering my screen, the Edge to Edge protection iGotTech promises, the pros come with some cons.

The Tech Shield offers a nice hard barrier to your phone’s screen, designed to protect it from your keys, sharp objects and falls. Unlike thin protective films, the Tech Shield is designed to be a first line of defense for our phone. but, because the Tech Shield is made out of a hard material instead of a flexible thin layer of plastic, you can feel the edge where the screen protector ends. I found that with a different type of case, The edge of the Tech shield is not as noticable. Unfortunately, like some flexible screen protectors, the Tech Shield is not reusable. While you really wouldn’t have a need to remove it Tech Shield, the ability to remove it if you had to would be nice.

IMG_6306After taking a look at the Tech Shield for some time, I was ready to put it to the test. The screen protector sure it tough. I was able to bend and and twist it without any damage to it. But I wanted to push it to its limits. I was able the bend the completely flat Tech Shield screen protector in to a U shape before its shattered and spider webbed. While the case would never actually be put through that tough of a bend, it was nice to see just how durable it is.

If you want an iGotTech Tech Shield for you iPhone, you can pick one up on Amazon. Be sure to check out the rest of iGotTech’s products on their website. Now I guess I should see if they will honor the warranty on my broken shield.

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