Tim Tam Slam-min Good!

We were recently sent a package of Arnotts Original Tim Tams to test out, and share our opinion on all of the delicious goodness with our readers. Right after you read this review, you should probably run out and get some. Trust me.

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These chocolate biscuits are an Australian brand, which are just becoming popular stateside. Back in 2008 Pepperidge Farm began importing these to the USA, but they were hard to find. You can now find Arnotts Tim Tams in both Original and Caramel flavors in your local Target. Oh, the convenience of this addiction.

These “cookies” are 2 layers of chocolate malted biscuits, separated by a cream filling, and coated in chocolate. As if that doesn’t sound amazing enough, add in the flavors Arnotts produces, such as Caramel, and you have heaven in a cookie. I am hoping we get more of the amazing flavors they sell in Australia soon. Such as Salted Caramel, Peanut Butter, Dark Chocolate, White Chocolate, Red Velvet, & Coconut. What?! Send all of those our way!


I personally found them even better when you did the tim tam slam! Just bite off opposite corners, and sip a hot beverage of your choice through the cookie. Then “slam” the whole cookie in your mouth before it melts away in your hand. The texture is crazy. It literally melts into ooey gooey chocolate goodness in your mouth. It makes dunking an Oreo in milk old news.  And upon research, the word is that you can do the same with a twix bar. So I may now need a Twix fix.


                bite off opposite ends…


Drink your hot beverage through biscuit like a straw…and then pop into your mouth!

You can purchase Tim Tams at your local Target for $3.29 (currently onsale for a limited time for $2.89!)


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