Make-up Removal for Less

91iMPM0VRUL._SL1500_Things have been pretty crazy around the We Used That Headquarters (we’ll reveal more about that soon), and we need to fit in a lot of different things in one day. And we know we are not alone. With busy work and play schedules, time is certainly precious. No one wants to waste time doing random chores. Taking off your makeup is certainly one of those things.

Thanks to NanoTowels from LifeMiracle, taking off a day’s worth of foundation, contouring, and blush, has become a little easier. The NanoTowel is similar to other micro towels you would traditionally see in the auto detailing department of your favorite stores. But instead of cleaning your dash, it’s for your face. When used in combination with your favorite makeup remover or face wash, the NanoTowel helps to breakdown make up as well as any other dirt and grime on your face.

NanoTowels are not the only products from LifeMiracle. They offer a wide range of items from cleaning products like sponges and cleaning solutions, to supplements to help keep your body in check.

If you want to pick up a NanoTowel yourself, you can order directly from the LifeMiracle website, or by visiting Amazon.


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