All About That Bass – Sbode Bluetooth Earbuds

It’s the first word I said when first listening to some music with the Sbode bluetooth earbuds. If you like dance music, or a beat with some bass, these are some great headphones for your budget. Thanks to the isolated earbud design, these headphones eliminate outside noise while mimicking a great bass response. However, I did find that the sound quality was actually somewhat dependent on what you are listing. I found that some songs have better sound quality to them than others. Granted, I was streaming with Pandora, so I am not sure if the quality of the steam I was listing to was different.

61EDVdG4FUL._SL1280_Another amazing feature these headphones have, that a lot of similar, inexpensive models no not have is Siri compatibility. A lot of these bluetooth headsets come with a limited number of buttons with one main button serving various different roles. The power button also controls phone calls, music playback and more. Similar models I have tried, when you hold the power button, the headphones turn off. However, with this model, you get two different “stages of hold.” Holding the button for a few seconds will activate Siri. Hold it a little longer and the headphones will turn off. Most other headsets I’ve used, the headphones will turn off before Siri engages. This is a huge plus for a true hands-free experience.

The only downfall I experienced with this headset was a slight electronic ‘buzz’ in the left ear. I do not think  this was not a defect in the actual headset, but rather just digital noise or interference. When listening to music it is not noticeable. However, when there is nothing playing, you can definitely hear it.

Lastly, the included hard clamshell case is a nice touch. Back in the day, these types of cases only came with high end headsets. Sbode stepped up the game by including it with their. Would certainly recommend to someone looking for a budget bluetooth headset.

If you want to pick up a pair of these for yourself, you can get them for as little as $15 on Amazon.

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