Green Direct Window Spray Cleaner

617GVL5BDyL._SL1500_Green Direct, back at it again with the cleaning tools! Ok, so the Damn Daniel meme is totally played out at this point, but the nice people at Green Direct are like our best friends. After testing out their spray dust mop, they sent us their new Window Spray Cleaner to try out.

Much like their spray mop, the Green Direct Window Spray Cleaner is all all in one product that combines a spray bottle, a cleaning rag, and a squeegee all into one handheld item. Like it’s mop older brother, the handheld cleaner allows you to use any cleaning fluid, whether you are using something for the store, or creating your own concoction.

When I first tried using the Window Spray Cleaner, I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to get enough force behind it in order to scrub my windows. But surprisingly, the handle and fluid container gives you enough grip to push the cleaning side down on your window. Once you’ve cleaned your surface and you’re ready to squeegee it dry, simply flip to to the other side and wipe across.

71NGeM1FLlL._SL1500_While the Window Spray Cleaner has it’s perks, its size and shape creates some downfalls. Because of it’s shape, I had a hard time cleaning every edge and corner of my windows. The fluid bottle, or the head of the actually scrubber would get in the way making in hard to clean the entire window. In addition to that, after using the squeegee to dry the window, the squeegee would drip dirty water onto my window sill or other surfaces. I quickly learned to carry around a towel with my to dry off the squeegee after each use.

But for less than $10, the Green Direct Window Spray Cleaner is a great item. If you want one for yourself, you can pick up on Amazon.


We Received this item for free in exchange for this honest review.