Green Direct Spray Dust Mop

It has been incredibly busy here at We Used That HQ. We welcomed our latest member to the team in the form of our first child. Now that we’ve got a kid in the house, it’ll only be a matter of time until we are following behind her, cleaning up a trail of messes. The Green Direct Spray Mop is the latest tool in our arsenal to keep our home clean.

For less than $20, the Green Direct Spray Mop is an easy way to wet dust the hard surfaces in your home. Whether it’s tile in the bathroom, hardwood in the living room, or linoleum or laminate flooring in the kitchen; the Green Direct Spray Mop can help you get things clean.

IMG_3643What I like most about this spray mop, it uses any type of cleaning solution. Unlike some popular name brand products, I am not forced to use a specific company’s pre-bottled cleaning solutions. Instead, I have a re-usable container that I can mix my own solutions in. If I want something a little mild, I can mix some soap in water. If I really need to disinfect, I can add some bleach to the mix. Once I’ve made my cleaning mixture, I pop the bottle into the mop and the large trigger at the end of the handle makes a nice wide spread on the floor. Once I’ve given the floor a spray or two, I run the mop head over the floor.

IMG_3644Unlike other products that use single use cleaning cloth, the Green Direct Spray Mop comes with a reusable mop cloth can that be washed either in the sink or in your washing machine.  While I wish the mop came with two cleaning cloths, just for the sake of having two to tackle whole house cleaning, the single cloth seems pretty durable and should hold up.

Assembling the unit was very easy. It came in just a few pieces that were easy to slide together without the need of any instructions. I did notice that there was already fluid inside the sprayer unit once I put it together. The spray randomly got all over my hands. I wouldn’t be concerned if I knew that the spray was just water. But since the item was brand new out of the box, I have no idea what the spray really was. I’m not sure if the fluid was from testing the product, or something else.

Once the unit was together, I made myself a quick mixture of soap and warm water and attached the bottle to the unit. With a single pull of the trigger on the handle I get a nice wide spray of my cleaner directly onto the floor. From there, a simple mopping motion soaks up the water and mops the floor. Once I was done, I simply peeled off the cleaning cloth from the bottom of the mop and tossed it into the washing machine.

If you want to pick up one of these for yourself, you can buy it directly from Green Direct on Amazon.

We received this item for free for the purpose of this review.


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