Bluetooth Mania – iJoy Water Resistant Headset


Bluetooth Mania continues as we look at another bluetooth headset. These are slightly different from other brands are these are water-resistant. iJoy was able to send us their latest bluetooth earbuds to try out. While the company advertises them as water-proof. I am fairly certain I wouldn’t be able to jump into a pool or ocean and expect these to still be working.

Keeping with the whole aspect of being waterproof, iJoy says the headset can operate underwater up to one meter (or three feet) for up to 30 minutes. But let’s face it. You’re not going to be wearing these while snorkeling. While the speaker housing looks like it it designed to keep water out, I think water can easily leak into the USB port or other small cracks and seams of the headset. I would not suggest using these in the water. But, if you were looking for something to use in the rain, these would be perfect.

img_2823When it comes to using these, the earbuds have your basic functions. You can use it to listen to music and make calls wirelessly, while being able to control volume and select music tracks. While you can answer and end cards with the main function button, cannot activate voice control or Siri. This isn’t a huge surprise, as most headsets have the same issue. Another downfall is the microphone. Like similar headsets, the microphone on these are located in the earpiece, rather than being it’s own separate piece. This leads to extra noise and bad audio quality when making calls. You’ll be able to hear the person on the other line just fine, but they were certainly have problems hearing you.

What I like best about this headset is the style. Unlike some wireless bluetooth earbuds, the iJoy earbuds have a nice little hook that goes around your ears, making sure the headset stays in place, while taking some of the pressure off the inside of your ear to keep the headset in place. By selecting the right size earbud, you can get a nice tight seal inside your ear, giving you a nice base sound while also isolating your music, eliminating outside noise.

img_2817I also like the amount of accessories iJoy hooks you up with. In addition to the expecting Headset and different size ear cushions, you also get the charing cable and a carrying case. The case it large enough to fit everything listed above, with plenty of room to spare. The hard carrying case is a nice departure from other companies that either include no case, or a soft pouch. But for $40, I wouldn’t expect to get the barebones.

For decent audio playback, this is a great headset. While it’s phone capabilities are a little lackluster due to the poor microphone placement, I think for $40, you’re getting a decent pair of headphones to use while working out. Since they are waterproof, they are especially good for runners. I will certainly be using these on my next run and future races.

If you’d like to get yourself a pair, you can order your own on Amazon.

We received this item for free for the purpose of this review.


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