This is New – The Camping Bag Liner

Every once in a while, we get to try something that we’ve never seen before. This time around, we got to test something that, is so simple in concept, it makes you think, “why didn’t I come up with that?” The YuEdge camping bag liner, is a soft cotton sheet you place inside your sleeping bag, to make your camping arrangements feel a little more like home. Seriously, why didn’t I think of that. YuEdge sent us a liner to check out.

81ojz57dgzl-_sl1500_In the grand scheme of things, the YuEdge the Camping Bag Liner is simply a sheet that was sewn into the shape of a sleeping bag. These fabric bag, then goes into your regular sleeping bag to make it a little more comfortable. I think it’s purposes to beyond that. Some people don’t like sleeping bags because they can feel damp, or the nylon liner just doesn’t feel good on their skin. I get that, but I think this liner can be used by more than just campers. I see this being a great tool for people on the road or traveling abroad.

20161125_211922_resizedIf you are staying in some seedy hotel or a hostel, you don’t know how clean those sheets are, or who (or what) was in that bed before you. By using the YuEdge Camping bag liner, you can put a nice little barrier between you and the sheets you provided. The sleeping bag liner itself is about 86 inches long and 43 inches wide. That gives you plenty of room to move about while not feeling too cramped. However, there were some things I didn’t like about it once I placed it in a sleeping bag. Depending on the side sleeping bag you have, the sheets may bunch of very easily. I tried using this in a lightweight bag, but the inner liner, just kept getting twisted up around me, creating a slight claustrophobic sensation. Another thing is the bag liner is sewn all the way up. When camping, if I get to hot, I just unzip the side, and I can get some air on my legs. But with the liner, I am still trapped inside my cocoon of cotton.

I will say, I do like the concept of using the liner as a stand along sleeping bag. That makes it great for some really hot weather camping, or as I mentioned earlier; using it in hotel rooms of hostels. Since the liner is so small and can be rolled up into its included bag, you can take it practically anywhere.

If you want to get one for yourself, you can pick one up from YuEdge on Amazon for about $15.

We received this item for free for the purpose of this review.

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