True Wireless Earbuds – 1 Voice NYC

Earlier this year, Apple unveiled their latest iPhone. Not only did they eliminate the often used headphone jack, they released brand new wireless headphones, the AirPods. These wireless earbuds, are 100% wireless. Before these revolutionary earbuds, wireless headsets still had wires connecting the phone ear buds, but there was no wire going to your device. Now, Apple and other companies are cutting out wires all together. Like Apple’s AirPods, companies are coming out with bluetooth headsets that use two separate bluetooth earbuds that simultaneously sync to each other as well as your phone or other device.

The people over at 1Voice NYC hooked us up with their wireless bluetooth headphones. Coming in at a fraction of the cost of Apple’s Airpods, how are they? After finally getting them to sync not bad. When I first received the item, I did like the fact that they came with a carrying case, several sized ear cushions and the charging cable. Unlike Apple’s pricier AirPods, there is no on the charging pack, but the 1Voice earbuds are rated to last several hours.

1v_hp_04-img7__69749-1473958144-1280-1280What’s nice about the 1Voice earbuds is you can use them simultaneously, or individually. This could give you more talk and listening time by stretching out your use over two earbuds, or give you the convenience of having wireless stereo sound. Back to the topic of syncing, it was much easier to sync one ear bud at a time. If you want to listen in stereo, you need to first sync the earbuds to one another, then to your phone. To sync the headphones you need to power on each device then hold the power button to sync. While the prompts say they are syncing, they make no indication when they have actually completely the process. I found myself guessing and just gambling that the headphones synced to one another. Once they have paired to each other, you can then sync them to your phone.

Because both ear buds are designed to work independently, they each have their own microphone and function button. This makes it easy to answer calls and use the function button. On other headsets, I will sometimes forget which ear has the controls (especially when testing out multiple headsets at once). One downfall of the small design of these ear buds is there is no volume controls. If you need to adjust your volume or need to change tracks you will have to using your actual device.

screen-shot-2016-11-18-at-8-29-03-pmBeing wireless and having all of the weight of the earbuds relying entirely on my ears, I wasn’t sure how well they would stay in or if they would be comfortable. Surprisingly enough, their design is actually pretty smart. They are designed so the actual weight of the devices pushing the ear buds down into my ears. This also helps keep them in place, and helps cut out any outside noise.

The sounds quality one these are fairly good. Thanks to the design of the ear buds, there is a fairly decent sound response. When testing out headphones I always like to put on some jammy type dance music, like The New Deal, just to see what kind of range I can get. I was able to hear it all from the base to the higher toned piano parts. Unfortunately, these earbuds do no shine in the microphone department. Both ear buds have a microphone, but only one is used if you are using them simultaneously. Unfortunately, it’s the placement of the mic that makes it work not so well. When wearing the earbuds, the microphone ends up being inside your ear. This makes it hard to pick up your voice. When it does the your voice just sounds very far away. On the plus side, you could always use the ear bud as a hidden microphone if you ever felt like spying on anyone!

If you don’t want to shell out $150 for Apple’s AirPods, you can get the 1Voice NYC ear buds for as low as $50 on Amazon. If you end up liking them like me, you can check out the rest of the 1Voice NYC products on their website.

We received this item for free for the purpose of this review.

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