Herbal Choice Natural Deodorant

We all sweat. There is no denying it. When it comes to fighting pit stains, or stinky pits, there are plenty of options. For those with sensitive skin or allergies, finding a deodorant that won’t cause any rashes or break outs can be hard. We’ve had the chance to try out a variety of Herbal Choice natural products including their Natural Deodorant. How does it hold up against your traditional stick?

nb-hcb-deodorant-him-her-600pxFor starters, the deodorant is not a stick, it’s not an aerosol. It’s a spray. Like a water bottle spray. That’s right, Herbal Choice deodorant is a liquid, that is applied as a mist. I think the deodorant works, but it’s a little tough to use. For a woman who may have hairless pits, the deodorant may go on a little bit easier. For me, I had to worry about the water spraying through my arm pit hair. In addition to that, once you apply the deodorant, you are supposed to let it dry before putting clothes on. Of course, because of my arm pit hair, I had to use a bunch of sprays. Now my pits are extra wet, and take a bit to try. What I found works best is to spray it on and dab with you hard or towel. This allows the deodorant to spread as well as dry.

What’s nice about the Herbal Choice deodorant, is that fact that it’s made of natural and organic ingredients, is cruelty free, and doesn’t contain a lot of synthetic chemicals or ingredients like traditional deodorants. In fact, this deodorant isn’t made of much. Its ingredients list includes water, alcohol, and a mixture of oils.

If you have sensitive skin and are still looking for a deodorant that won’t give you problems, or you’re looking to eliminate the use of chemicals on your skin, give Herbal Choice a try. Of course you can also check out all of their other products including their Toothpaste and Body Butter. You can order all of the Herbal Choice products directly from their website.

We received this item for free for the purpose of this review.

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