Garage Fit – At Home Crossfit

Our baby will be here before we know it, and our already busy schedules are going to become more hectic. While I still plan on getting to my local Crossfit Gym as much as possible, I know it will be hard to keep up a constant schedule. Thanks for Garage Gym and the Garage Fit line of products, I can still do plenty of exercises at home. They sent us a Plyo/Jump box as well as a 20 pound Medicine/Wall Ball.

img_2537If you are into Crossfit, or familiar with Crossfit exercises, you know that wallballs and box jumps are a workout staple. But these two items have a variety of uses. That’s what makes them so great. While the medicine ball did not need any assembly, the box did. The box came fully disassembled and in a nice thin (but very, very heavy box). Putting it together was incredibly easy. With the use of a power drill, I had the box fully assembled within 20 minutes. One thing I found to be incredibly surprising is how GarageFit’s prices compare to Rogue equipment. When it comes to Crossfit gear, Rogue is the industry standard. The company’s equipment is used in Crossfit Gyms around the World and in at the Crossfit Games. That being said, I thought for sure GarageFit’s gear would be more affordable. In reality, the 20x24x30 inch box from GarageFit is 5 to 15 bucks more expensive than the same boxes from Rogue. Price aside, the box is certainly nice. Just list any other PlyoBox, you get 3 different heights to work with depending on the exercises you are looking to do. The inside supports make the box very sturdy and you certainly won’t need to worry about breaking it.

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Keeping up with comparing prices, the GarageFit Medicine Balls  appear to be more affordable than it’s Rogue counterparts. For the 20 pound ball I got, it’s actually 25 dollars cheaper! That’s a big difference, especially if you are just looking to use it at home. I did notice the ball isn’t completely round and looks a little “egg” shaped, but I think that might have been from shipping. It might return to it’s round shape with use, but we’ll see. What I do like is the wide range of sizes GarageFit offers when it comes to its medicine balls. from 4 pounds all the way up to 30, you have a lot of options.

GarageFit does more than just Boxes and Medicine balls. Their website is filled with different products to help you turn your home into a home gym. If you are looking to do some more working out at home check out their products on their website. Of course, be sure to shop around to see if they have the best price. While their boxes are expensive, I think their medicine ball prices are some of the best around.


DVD Extras:

I actually had plans to to a time lapse video of me building the PlyoBox, but I put it together while still recovering from a cold. Apparently, the cold was clouding my judgement and I accidentally put the camera is slow-mo instead of time lapse. This made my building video 10 minutes long instead of 30 seconds. Oops! I should stop trying to do things when sick.

Thank you Garage Fit for providing these items for the purpose of this review.

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