Test Your Waters with SelpHBalance

Whether you’re checking to see if you water is contaminated, or if you want to test the pH levels of not only your drinking water, but maybe your body; there are plenty of at home pH tests. The people over at SelpHBalance (pronounced self-balance) sent us two different tools which can be used to test the pH levels of our drinking water, as well as the pH levels in our bodies via testing saliva or urine.

The Digital pH Reader as well as the “old school” paper test strips both have their pros and cons. We put both to the test to see how well they really stand up to one another.

fullsizerenderThe Paper test strips are about 10 dollars on Amazon. What’s great about these, is since they are single use paper tests, they can be submerged in almost anything. In addition to being able to check your water, you can also use it to check your body’s pH level via urine or saliva. You simply get the tip of the strip wet, wait a couple moments then match the colors of the strip to the included key on the back of the packaging. The biggest issue I had, was that matching up the colors of the strip to the colors on the key was very hard. This made it difficult to get an actual reading. Instead, I got more of an estimate.

img_2534The electronic pH reader, unlike the instant test strips, needs to be submerged into a liquid. Since it it reusable, I wouldn’t suggest using this to test urine. Especially if you plan on using it for other things, like testing your water. Because the digital reader was an LCD display, you can get approximate pH level. There is no guessing involved. Coming in at $15 on Amazon, I would suggest the digital reader over the paper strips. But if you needed to check whether your body was acidic or alkaline, I would make sure you have a pack of the paper strips on hands as well

If you want more information about either of these products, you can visit the SelpHBalance website, or check out all of their products on Amazon.

Want to see these tests in action? Check out the video below:


We received these items for free for review purposes.


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