Vikari Paper Thin TV Antenna

Most people don’t use television antennas anymore. But for those who do, the recent digital switch has made getting television stations a sometimes tricky task. Instead of deal with static and bad reception, weaker signals are corrupted with pixelated and stuttering video. The people over at Vikari sent us their Amplified Indoor Antenna, and I found that the amplification isn’t even needed.

Unlike my previous indoor antenna, this thing is paper thin and has a six foot cord. That is must better than the bulky antenna with a three foot cord I was using. In addition to having more cord to work with then trying to find the best placement for the antenna, it is also powered. The included power supply, in theory, is supposed to make the antenna better at picking up stations. However when I plugged my antenna in, I found that it actually made the reception worse. Since the antenna works perfectly fine without it, there is no need for the power supply.

If you are thinking about cutting the cord on your home cable network and want to stick with the free over the air channels, this certainly could be the way to go. You can pick one up for yourself for less than $20 on Amazon.

We received this item for free or at a discount.

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