Natures Brand products


We have had the opportunity to try out a few products from Natures Brand, and over all we have found them to be great quality products, that not only work well, but are great for you and the environment. No harsh ingredients, and great for those that are vegan, gluten free, and have various other allergies.


Natures Brand Peppermint & Ginger Body Butter is great for your skin and your senses. A fairly strong scent with gentle effects. Soothe your achy muscles while smoothing your skin as well. Although it states it is Peppermint Ginger, I mainly smell the Patchouli oil in this and find that it over powers the other scents. It could be my overly sensitive pregnancy nose at the moment, or the fact that Patchouli is a scent I am not very fond of, but I immediately picked this scent up and could not get past it, or used to it. Sadly, because this has great quality ingredients, and it does help smooth rough patches and is great to massage into sore spots. If the peppermint and ginger scents were more pronounced in this, it would be an every day go-to for sure.

Body Butter is $18.95 and can be purchased HERE.


Natures Brand Natural tooth gel is free from chemicals, fluoride, preservatives, and more. It is gentle, yet still effective at giving your teeth and mouth a fresh clean feeling. Prepare yourself for the herbal taste, as this is not like your regular toothpaste. It is all natural, and tastes like peppermint and tea tree oil, and not the artificial mint flavoring you may be used to. Gently cleanses with calcium carbonate. Takes 3-4 pumps on your brush, and is a cross between a gel and a paste. Works well if you’re looking for a healthier, natural tooth paste that does not have unnecessary ingredients that can be harmful.

Natural Tooth Gel is $13.95 and can be purchased HERE.



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