Raynic Security Camera Misses The Mark

We have had the opportunity to test out several nanny cams and home security cameras. While most of the them were fairly decent, it was only a matter of time before we came across one that simply just missed the mark. Unfortunately, the Raynic Wireless Raycam Security Camera is that camera. Raynic sent it to us to try out, but I don’t think I’ll be keeping it plugged in much longer..

71ssig0dbbl-_sl1500_While I do appreciate the ideas that went into this camera, there are just too many flaws for me to look past. Unlike some of the other nanny type cams, this one does not have a microphone or speaker. This prevents you from being able to hear what’s happening in frame, or talk back. I bring this up, because the free app designed to work with the camera has both a speaker and microphone function built into it, making me think I could listen in. But unfortunately, I cannot. The camera is also in a fixed position. Unlike some cameras which allow you to pan and tilt, this camera is in a fixed location.

Before I get ahead of myself, let’s go back a few steps to the set up process. This is where I saw some of the first big flaws with this camera. Setting up the camera requires a hard wire connection. While it is a wireless camera, you must plug it into your router or modem first to set it up. While some cameras allow for wireless set up, this isn’t the first time I’ve come across needed a hardwire connection for set up, so that’s fine. But when it came time to setting up the wireless connection, the camera would not see my router at all. Every other device in my home (camera, cell phone, game system, computer, etc.) all seem to connect perfectly fine, but this camera could not detect it at all. So there goes setting up the wireless function all together.

14518424_10100788771712403_1560742698_nOne thing I do like about this camera is that it is waterproof and can get used outdoors. However, while the concept of that is great, the way the camera is designed doesn’t really work out in its favor. While the camera can be mounted to a wall, you need to think about how you will power it. Sure there is an included power supply, but that doesn’t seem all to water proof. If you could hard wire the camera, now you’d really be in business.

I think Raynic had great intentions with this camera, but I really think it needs some refinements. I think with a few modifications, I could certainly be a decent camera, but right now as it stands; coming right out of the box, there are just way too many problems to look past. If you still want one for yourself, you can pick one up for about $70 on Amazon.

We received this item for free or at a discount in exchange for an honest review.

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