Are They Pencils or Paint? – Water Colored Pencils

Adult Coloring books have become all the rage. But what if you could take your artwork to the next level? I present to you water colored pencils. These pencils allow you to color a picture like you normally would; but once your artwork it complete, you can take it to the next level and “wash over it” with a paint brush, giving your artwork at water colored look. There are a variety of companies that have started to market these water colored pencils, but we were able to take a look at this set from one of our favorite companies, Ohuhu. They were kind enough to send us their 24 pack of pencils to check out.

81tgix6taul-_sl1400_What I think it so interesting about these water colored pencils is that there are several ways you can use them. I was impressed at how well they work just as regular colored pencils. The color comes off these pencils with ease and give you the ability to shade very well. If you want to take your pictures to the next level, you can then take the included paint brush and add some water to your art. The paintbrush and water help blend your pencil strokes, turning them into paint strokes, giving your art a much softer look.

The final and most amazing use of these pencils was the fact that you can actually dunk them in water and get a completely different look all together. When dipping the pencil in water before putting it to paper; the water give the pencil a lipstick like consistency. One wet, the pencil applies a nice thick coat of color when pressed to the page. It definitely gives a nice bold hit of color. If you were to apply all three methods of coloring to your pictures, I know you can certainly come up with some original pieces or art.

If you are looking for even more colors, Ohuhu also has a 36 color pencil set. Both options are available on Amazon for less than $15 each.

We received this item for free or at a discount in exchange for an honest review.



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