Cruel and Unusual Punishment – The Everlasting Singing Birthday Card

bday2_1024x1024For some people, whether young or old, always feel embarrassed when people sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to them. So why not have a card do it for you… FOREVER! The people over at Jester Greeting have come up with a birthday card that plays the song on a continuous loop. And loop that cannot be stopped by closing the card. The only way to stop the obnoxious singing, is by sending the card back to the depths of hell it came from, and by destroying it with a hammer, car, or blow torch.

Electronic greeting cards that play music or pre-recorded messages are pretty obnoxious already. Jester Greeting takes the annoyance of those cards and magnifies it by a thousand. Typically electronic greeting cards will play a song or sound when you open the card, then stop when the card is closed. However the Jester Greeting card is like a hand grenade. Once you pull the pin, there is no stopping the card from singing.

61vrazh8yzl-_sl1500_So how do you make sure you don’t get stuck hearing the birthday song for the rest of your life? Simple. Don’t pull the pin. Seriously. Before sealing the card into the enclosed envelope, you’re going to write your personal message on sabotaged birthday card. Once you’ve written your greeting, pull the pin on the card and seal it up. When your unsuspecting victim opens the card, everyone in the room will fall victim to one of the worst renditions of the birthday song imaginable. But this time the song will not end. The card is now engaged to loop the ear piercingly loud version of the song over and over until the card is destroyed. The card says it itself. “It’s time to celebrate your birthday forever…”

While more expensive than a traditional card, the Jester Greeting singing card, isn’t much more than other electronic birthday or greeting cards that play music or pre-recorded messages. In additional to their birthday card,  Jester Greeting also has a card for the Christmas – New Years season. Each card is just under $10 from the Jester Greeting Website. I was also able to find it for a few dollars less (with free shipping) on Amazon.

We received this item for free or at a discount in exchange for an honest review.

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