TriNova – Shampoo for Your Car

It’s important to keep our cars clean. It helps prevent rust, and keeps them looking just like the day you first got them. Just like the way we treat our hair, it’s important to keep our car looking clean and healthy. Lucky for us, TriNova sent us their Automotive Shampoo and Conditioner to try out.

14341354_10100777115496553_138942155_nThe first thing I noticed about the soap, is that is actually thick like a shampoo, so it’s only fitting that is called shampoo and conditioner. Because this wash is thick like real shampoo, you don’t need that much. One ounce is said to be good enough for 3 gallons of water. Unfortunately, the bottle doesn’t come with a way to measure out an exact ounce. Not knowing the soap was a gel, I accidentally poured a little too much out the first time. It wasn’t a big deal since I wanted to wash both of our cars. The amount of sudsy lather this had while spraying my hose into the bucket to mix with the soap was intense. I’ve never seen that many bubbles since I watch earlier 90’s sitcoms, when a character always seemed to put too much detergent into the washing machine, only to later have hilarity ensue. If you follow the directions on the bottle, you can get up to 18 washes with one bottle. That equals out to less than a dollar a wash.

14328915_10100777126284933_1134556759_nThe TriNova wash comes with an included shammy glove which is a great added value and really comes in handy (see what I did there?) when in comes to washing your car. While washing our cars, I would use one side on the mitt, then turn it 180 degrees, then use the other side. While the mitt definitely makes washing your car easier, and prevents and unnecessary hand cramps from having to hold onto a sponge, it did have some trouble getting off some spots on the car. I can across some pretty stubborn bird poop and dirt that took a little elbow grease to come off. Since the mitt is so soft, it doesn’t do the best job at taking things off easily.

Once I washed my car and gave it a rinse, I could immediately see the difference, as water quickly beaded up and rolled down the side of my vehicle. If you are looking for a new cash was soap, the TriNova soap may be an options to you. Of course, this isn’t an all-in-one product. You will still need to wax your vehicle after using this. If you choose not to was, be sure to dry your vehicle properly, or you could get water spots when you are done.

Overall, I am pretty happy with the TriNova Shampoo and Conditioner. I wouldn’t mind trying the rest of their line of car, as well as household, products. If you want to check out the TriNova Auto Shampoo and Conditioner, you can get your own bottle on Amazon.

We received this item for free in exchange for an honest review.


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