Bluetooth Mania – SSIG Wireless Headset

We have had pretty decent luck with the bluetooth headsets and speakers we have been testing; it was only a matter of time before our luck ran out. SSIG sent us their self proclaimed comfortable bluetooth headphones to try out. But unfortunately, these things are anything but comfortable.

31vaxoaprklLike many of the budget bluetooth headsets I’ve used before, the SSIG headset it very basic in its design. The box the product came in is extremely generic with no company markings or logo on it. While I may be wrong, this is where I assume the headphones are actually manufactured by a third party and SSIG just slaps there name on it when selling them on Amazon.

This headset is compatible with a wide range of devices, including android and iPhones smartphones; however it took me three attempts before the headset actually paired with my iPhone 6. Once paired, I was still having issues controlling music playback and volume control with the buttons on the earpiece. I found them to work sometimes, but then suddenly, after doing something else on my phone, while music was playing in the background, the buttons would no longer work.

14302430_10100775855232133_2147130026_nWhile listening to music, I found the sound quality to be actually fairly decent. I was surprised to heat a decent bass response. But sadly enough, I couldn’t keep the ear buds on for too long. Due to their odd shape, I was only able to wear them for a little bit before my eats started to get sore. Making matters worse is where the Play/Pause button was placed. Due to the poor placement of the button, as well as the resistance it has, forcing you to push hard for it to register; the headset will quickly give you more pain than enjoyment.

You can get the SSIG headset for about 20 bucks on Amazon, however with so many other options out there, I would suggest trying something else.

I received this product for free or at a heavy discount in exchange for an honest review.


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