AOWOTO – The Best LifeProof Knockoff

The iPhone 7 was just announced. While the latest generation of the iPhone is water resistant, as well as the newest Samsung phones; people with phone not as durable against the elements use cases to keep them protected. While Lifeproof is the the front runner when it comes to water proof iPhone cases, other companies try to copy their design. AOWOTO sent us their iPhone 6 waterproof case. I will say it’s the best Lifeproof knockoff I’ve seen yet.

14287754_10100775038713443_381686111_nThe case is the same size as a LifeProof case, and has some of the same features including the ability to still use the thumb print sensor, switching on vibrate, as well as having an included extension cord; allowing you to plug in your headphones, while keeping your phone water tight. Of course, before putting the case on my phone, I put it through the underwater test. I put the case together, filled the sink up with water, then left the case sit at the bottom for about 30 minutes. If the case comes out with the inside dry, it’s good to go.

As I mentioned, this case is the closest thing to an actual LifeProof as you can get. The AOWOTO case snaps on the same way as a LifeProof case. Once the case is open you place your phone into the front half, then place on the back, snapping it into place along the edges. Once sealed tight, the phone is completed sealed off from the elements including dust and water. What I liked about this case is how it works with the silent/vibrate switch. Lifeproof cases stick with a switch mechanism, while the AOWOTO uses a dial that somehow toggles the switch on the phone. I did not think it would work at all, but it’s actually very easy to use. The volume and power buttons were also still easy to push down. Everything else on the phone still works as it should. I will say, talking on the phone was certainly a little difficult the first time I used it. I made my first call to parents. Unfortunately, due to the badly muffled sound, I couldn’t tell if I was talking to my Dad or my Mom. I really had to crank the headset volume to really hear people on the other end. Both the front facing and back camera still worked without any major blurring or distortion from the case.

61bkq3euail-_sl1024_The biggest issue I had with the case is something I’ve experienced will all different types of waterproof cases. Screen bubbling. Because the case completely surrounds the phone, there is a clear plastic that goes across the screen. Unfortunately it doesn’t sit flush with the screen. Instead there is a slight air pocket. This creates a “clicking” type sound while typing or texting, and can even cause a hindrance when trying to do every day functions. Again, this isn’t an issue with just AOWOTO cases. I’ve had it with other cases, included LifeProof cases. It just comes with the territory.

While the AOWOTO case is not a real LifeProof case, it is almost just as good. And for just a fraction of the price it can’t be beat. You can pick one up for about $20 on Amazon.

We received this item for free or at a discount in exchange for an honest review.



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