The Next Generation of Snorkeling

For decades, snorkels have remained relatively unchanged. You had a basic mask that covered your eyes and nose, with a separate mouthpiece allowing you to breath while skimming the surface of the water. Sure there have been some minor changed to that basic design over the years, but most recently there is a new design of mask taking the world by storm. These full face masks look like they would be something you’d be seen a hazmat suit, space suit, or some alien race; but that are provided a new way to breath and see underwater.

81D4J3VOy3L._SL1500_There are a number of companies offering these full view snorkel sets on sites like Amazon, but Ocean View sent us their latest version to check out. What I like about there product is the fact that in addition to getting the mask and snorkel, you are get a pair of flippers. With other brands only offering similar masks at a higher price, that face that you can get the snorkel and the flippers at a lower price from Ocean View makes this a very enticing buy.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always had goggles and a snorkel for swimming. I think I get it from my dad who has been doing it since he was younger. That has carried on down to me. It’s actually been a while since I’ve gone snorkeling, so when I got these I was super excited to try something new. The full face mask design of this mask is incredibly comfortable and even easier to adjust. There is a soft silicon seal surrounding the entire mask, hugging your sking from your forehead, down in front of your ears, then just behind the chin. If the mask is too loose, tightening is easy, just pull on the two elastic straps on the back and put it back on. I was able to find the perfect fit within seconds.

20160806_143608_resizedThanks to the new design of this full face snorkel, there is no need to bite down on a mouth piece. your entire face, including mouth is inclosed in the mask. The mask then connects to the snorkel at the top, which contains a ball which prevent water from entering the apparatus when you are below the surface. I had my dad try it out to see how he liked it. He was so used to breathing with a traditional snorkel, that he needed a few minutes with this new design to get used to breathing, but I didn’t seem to need any transitional time. I was going up and down the river as soon as I was in.

The flippers are an awesome addition to this package. The included flippers are slightly harder, but also shorter than traditonal flippers. I used them for only a little bit, until they started to hurt my feet. I think the stiffness of them made them a little uncomfortable, but I am hoping that extended use with continue to soften them up.  It wasn’t until the writing of this review, that I realized there was a hard piece of plastic inside each flipper to help maintain it’s shape while in storage (similar to what’s found in boots of dress shoes). I was able to easily pull those out, and the flippers are now 100 times more comfortable.

Normally $100, you can pick up the Ocean View snorkel for about $65 on Amazon. Each set comes in a mesh draw string bag so every thing stays together. I am extremely satisfied with this set, and have kept it in my car all summer long, just in case I ever hit up a pool, river or lake; I am always ready. With the included mount for GoPro cameras, I can get underground footage with ease.

We received this item for free or at a discount in exchange for an honest review.


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