Add a Little Light to Your Selfies – Eonfine Selfie Light Phone Case

Cell phone cameras have come a long way in the past decade. From the early days of low level megapixel cameras on our flip phones, to now being able to shoot HD 4K video with our devices wherever we are. But there is still one problem today’s modern phones still haven’t solved. Getting a light to accompany those front facing cameras. In the past year or so, companies have been rolling out phone cases that are surrounded with LED lights, to make your selfies really shine. Eonfine is one of those companies. They sent us their selfie cell phone case for the iPhone to test out.

71R8F01h52L._SL1500_The first thing I noticed after taking the case out of its packaging was it’s size. This thing is beefy. But not in a terribly bad way. It has a nice thick protective rubber, to not only house the LED lights, but to also provide some good protection for the phone. The back however is pretty thick. It adds about another 50% of thickness to my iPhone 6. But remember, this case also needs a battery. And it’s a pretty decent size battery at that. Not only can the case be used as a light, it also can be used to charge your phone.

Processed with MOLDIVWhen it comes to lightening up your shots, the case is fairly easy to use. There is a single button on the back of the case. This allows you to select which light (back or front facing) you’d like to use, as well as the brightness of the front facing selfie light. While most people will use the full brightness setting, the fact you can change it is nice, however they different brightnesses come with the drawbacks. I’ve noticed while shooting selfie video that scan lines appear on the video moving across the screen. These lines also appear while taking photos, but they are not as noticeable.

One cool thing I noticed, while cycling through the functions of the light; the blinking of the main camera light is random at all. It’s actually flashing the morse code for S.O.S. That’s a pretty cool safety feature it you’re ever out in the woods or get lost. While I hope you would never have to use it, the fact it’s there is nice.

While I do have any any other selfie light cases to compare this to just yet, the eonfine case is fairly decent. If the scan lines that appear when using a dimmer light setting creates a make or break situation, I would suggest staying away, but for about $24 on Amazon, it’s not a terribly bad deal, considering the case also functions as a backup battery as well. Considering it’s also a phone case, you also receive a screen protector for your phone as well.

We received this item for free or at a discount in exchange for an honest review.


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