Guitar Sense – A Tuner That Makes Sense

The way musicians tune their guitars are other stringed instruments has evolved and changed so many times over the years. The most recent guitar tuning craze does not involve pedals, rack mounts, or anything that actually plugs into the guitar. Instead, small devices that clip onto the headstock of your guitar, bass or ukulele have become all the rage. While some brands may have already developed name recognition, there are some other options out there you should certainly consider.

IMG_1268After speaking with some of the creators of the GuitarSense guitar tuner, I was able to get my hands to test out. This things makes tuning my instruments easy! Similar to Snark or similar headstock tuners, the GuitarSense tuner clips into place and helps you tune your guitar by detecting the vibrations of the strings through the body of the guitar.


I was so excited to start tuning my instruments, but my dreams quickly came crashing down when the tuner didn’t turn on. In all of my excitement, I didn’t even realize that the included battery doesn’t come preinstalled. Oops! After installing the battery, I was able to tune my guitar in a matter of seconds. The GuitarSense doesn’t work for just guitars. It works on electric guitars, acoustic guitars, bass guitars, ukuleles, and even violins. Depending on the instrument you are playing, you can select between them using the power/select switch at the front of the tuner. Selecting a specific instrument will allow you to tune each string for standard tuning. If you tune your guitar to Drop D or something else, you can select the chromatic tuning. You can tell they made the GuitarSense tuner with ease of use in mind.

IMG_1272Because of it’s small compact design, the GuitarSense tuner is easy to adjust so you can see  it once it’s attached to your instrument. The bright, backlight LCD screen makes it easy to make those fine tuning to get the perfect tone out of your instrument. Unfortunately, in order to use the GuitarSense tuner effectively, you need the main part of the tuner on the front of your guitar. I prefer to have it on the back of the headstock; however when doing that, the display on the tuner is upside down, making it very hard to read. While that is me just nitpicking, it was something I noticed.

There are so many clip on chromatic tuners out there, so its easy for these to get lost in the mix. They all vary in price and dependability. The GuitarSense comes in around $15 and is still surprisingly on the higher end of the curve when compared to other items on Amazon. But, after talking to some of the people at GuitarSense, I can tell they really really put their work into creating something dependable. You can order your today through the GuitarSense website or on Amazon.

We received this item for free or at a discount in exchange for an honest review.

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