Vitamin D Anytime – FortiVitum Spray

During these sunny summer months, getting some rays is easy. But when winter rolls around, and the summer seems to always be hiding behind a blanket of clouds, getting some sun and some necessary Vitamin D can be a little difficult. But, thanks to FortiVitum, getting some Vitamin D is as simple as freshening your breath. They sent us a tube of their Vitum D mouth spray to check out.

13937031_10154407658349513_1127935706_nThe Vitum D spray comes in a very small and compact metal tube, similar to those old tubes of breath spray. But instead of being an aeresol can, the tube features a little pump at the top allowing your to spray the Vitamin D mixture directly into your mouth. According to FortiVitum taking the Vitamin D in a spray form and directly into the mouth allows the body to absorb a more concentrated amount of the vitamin as opposed to more traditional measures such as pills or drinks.

Using the FortiVitum spray was incredible easy. I pop open the cap, aim the nozzle towards my mouth and do 4 short bursts into my mouth. The spray has a unique flavor that doesn’t taste like pills or medicine, like some supplements do. In fact, I had a hard time pin pointing exactly what the flavor was. I thought it was somewhat sweet. The misses thought it tasted like mint. Either way, the taste wasn’t too bad, and the spray didn’t leave a weird coating in my mouth. When using the FortiVitum spray, you are only supposed to take up to 4 sprays a day. Each tube is good for about 240 sprays. If you were to use it every day, you could get at least 2 month of use out of it.

While I won’t get into all of the benefits of Vitamin D. There have been plenty of studies as to why you should make sure you are getting your daily dose. From maintaining your weight, to fighting depression, to keeping your bones strong, having a daily dose of Vitamin D is might be a good idea. Whether this product really works, is hard to tell. I am pretty healthy in the first place so it’s been hard to really tell if it is having any impact or not.

Surprisingly, the Vitamin D spray is the only product offered by FortiVitum as this time. I thought for sure they would also for a B complex spray for a more natural energy boost, and perhaps a Vitamin C spray for when you feel a cold coming on. If FortiVitum isn’t thinking about expanding their offerings, they are definitely missing out on potential customers.

You can order your own Vitum D spray directly from the FortiVitum Website, or save a couple dollars and order from their store on Amazon.

I received this item for free or at a discount in exchange for an honest review.


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