Bluetooth Madness – Vomelon V6 Earbuds

When looking for a bluetooth headset, there are a lot of factors people look for. Two of the most important being quality and price. For just $20, Vomelon has managed to create a budget bluetooth headset, that doesn’t sound like it came from the bargain bin of your closest department store. Lucky for us, we were given the Vomelon V6 headset to try out, and we were not disappointed.

IMG_1346As I mentioned, this headset is just under 20 bucks on Amazon. For those looking for a budget headset, this one might be it. The audio quality when listening music is food. The dynamic range is fairly decent. You’re not going to get deep bass like you would would some $100 headsets, but for a fraction of the cost the sound quality is great. It gets loud enough to muffle out any background noise without getting distorted, making these perfect for mowing the lawn, or even an run down the ski mountain. According to the Amazon listing, these headphones are noise cancelling. But that’s not the case. They are sound isolating, but certainly not noise cancelling.

Unfortunately, like other headsets of this style, the quality lacks when making phone calls. Because the microphone is built into one of the ear buds, talking to people may be little difficult. You can hear who you are talking to just fine, but the person on the other end may have a hard time understanding you.

61JCpx5tunL._SL1500_Built into the headset is a pause/play (answer/end calls) button, as well as two buttons to either increase and decrease volume, or skip or go back a track. What I appreciate about the V6 headset, is that Vomelon got the button layout correct. The same button that increases the volume, skips forward a track. The buttons that turns the music down also skips back.

If you’re looking for a cheap pair of bluetooth earbuds, this is a great way to go; especially if you are looking to use them just for listening to music. Vomelon keeps it simple. With each order you get two different sized ear buds, a charging cable, and a carrying case. If you’d like a pair for yourself, you can order yours now on Amazon.

We received this item for free or at a discount in exchange for an honest review.


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