The Unnecessary Bug Zapper? – Apalus Mosquito Trap

Now that our backyard patio is all set, it’s time to have some parties. However we always seem to get some unwanted guests. Bugs! Recently, we were invited to test out the new Apalus Mosquito Trap. I thought it would be a great alternative to the old fashioned “bug zappers,” and be a great way to get rid of those nasty pests so I could enjoy a quite night outside; maybe by watching a movie or sitting by the fire. Nope. That’s not gonna happen. This is for indoor use only.

So that leads me to my main question. What’s the point?
My house has doors and screens on the windows. If there bugs were to get into my house, it would only be a few. That certainly doesn’t call for a special bug killer. To me, this device is kind of unneeded. If you find yourself with hundreds of bugs in your home, you may want to consider something else. Maybe some much needed home repairs or upgrades.

IMG_1234While the instructions state this is for indoor use, I didn’t want to give up hope. So I set it up on the patio and let it run for a few hours. According to the instructions, this bug killer works best in dark areas; since it uses a faint purple light to lure in bugs. Not a problem, I turned off all other lights sources and let it sit for several hours.
After coming back, I found 2 bugs inside the trap, another two sitting by the fan. All 4 were enjoying the breeze. The unit claims it kills the bugs by drying them out. That wasn’t the case at all. Instead the bugs just seem to be enjoying the nice breeze on a warm summer’s night.

After all was said and done, the unit was put back in the box, and will probably never be used again. If you’re looking for a way to get rid of your bugs, I’d suggest sticking with the classic that are known to work. Maybe plug in that old school bug zapper and light some candles. If you want to try this bug trap for yourself, you can pick one up on Amazon.

We received this item for free or at a discount in exchange for an honest review.


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