MeasuPro non-contact thermometer


This MeasuPro thermometer works great. Easy to use, and reads quickly. Great for children with sensory, as it does not need to touch the forehead/body at all and will tell temp in a second. Can sense temperatures of objects as well. Just point, click the trigger and release. Reads Fahrenheit and Celsius. Screen lights up, so can be used at night when testing temps without having to flip the lights on.

Great to have on hand with children because of the quick and accurate temperature reading. No more holding and waiting, or struggling to take a restless childs temperature. You will love the instant read that this gives and wonder why you struggled with other forehead thermometers. Some may wonder what objects they may need to test temperatures of, so here are some ideas where this may come in handy…
Baby bottles/milk, grill temp, checking electrical and mechanical equipment.

You can also store up to 20 temperature readings in memory, keep the beep on, or mute it, switch between C and F, and it has a low battery indicator, with auto shut off to preserve battery life. Comes in a handy case to keep it clean, and protected. Easy to travel with and store in your medicine cabinet.

I would prefer this if it were slightly smaller, as it is quite large and oddly shaped. Can not be stored standing up, which would be nice if you want to keep it handy next to the bed or on your bathroom counter. Laying it on its side is fine however, this is just a preference. It does have a comfortable shape to hold, making pressing the trigger easy.

Great price (under $30), as most comparable models come in closer to $40. Uses 2 AAA batteries, & comes with a 2 yr warranty.

I received this item at a deep discount in exchange for my honest opinion. All opinions are my own.


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