Kumeda LED Security Light

Solar lawn lights have been all the rage over the past few years. They come in all shapes and sizes. Some you attach to fence posts, others to railings, some get staked into the ground. But many of them aren’t that bright, and serve no real purpose other than adding some aesthetic to your home once the sun goes down. We’ve also seen many varieties of home sensor lights. You’ve seen them; the kind that clicks on when it senses motion. Kumeda has combined both light concepts, to create a solar powered, security light that is also bright and functional. Kumeda sent us LED Security Light to try out.

IMG_0932These things packs a punch. With 24 LED lights, that is a whole lot more than other solar powered lights; many of which only have 1 or 3 little lights inside. This gives you a lot of light coverage. The security light has two different settings. One that stays on all night once the sun goes down, the other that stays lit all night, but stays dim; only turning bright when it detects nearby motion. Since the instructions were a little hard to understand, it took me a few read throughs to understand which setting I wanted. There are only two buttons on the light itself. One to turn it on, the other to decide which setting you want: (constant) bright or dim with sensor.

IMG_0935You can mount the Kumeda light in one of two ways. You can screw it into a railing or porch post, or use included stake and drive it into the ground. We decided to place ours lining our driveway, allowing it to click on when we pull in at night. As I mentioned before, this light offers plenty of coverage. In fact, the light is able to illuminate the entire side of our house. I like the fact that it come with an extra long ground spike. While it’s still made of plastic like other solar lights, its nice to have it higher.

The included solar panel used to charge the light was pretty easy to install and is about twice the size of regular solar lights, helping give the light a full charge during the day. If you don’t get enough sun where you live, you can even plug this in and charge it via a cell phone charger or USB port.

I don’t think you should limit the Kumeda light to just your yard. think this light would be perfect on a camp site, especially at a State Campground where electric may not be readily available. It’s the perfect way to light up your site at night without using a bunch of lanterns or torches. If you want one of these lights for yourself, you can order one today from Amazon.

We received this item for free or at a discount in exchange for an honest review.


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