Fuse Chicken Does it Again – Stainless Steel iPhone Cable

Over the years, we have received and reviewed numerous products from Fuse Chicken. Their products never cease to amaze me. This time, their latest is absolutely their best product yet! Fuse Chicken sent me their Armour Stainless Steel iPhone Charging Cable to test out.

Armour_Charge_MacThe Armour Stainless steel cable is 3 (or 6) feet of charging goodness. Guaranteed to work with your iPhone and iPads, this cable is designed to give you more reach while offering the same dependability of your OEM charging cables. Unlike other charging cables, whether apple brand, off brand, or Chinese knockoffs, the Fuse Chicken charger is ready for battle. These chargers are entirely wrapped in stainless steel. These cords have the same flexibility as any other cord, but they are built to last. From end to end, these chargers are 100% metal. Even the connectors have a nice metal sleeve on them, just making them feel nice and durable.

Unlike the iPhone cable you get with your phone, Fuse Chicken backs their cable with a lifetime warranty. Since it’s also made of durable stainless steel, you don’t have to worry about the cable fraying and completely falling apart at the end. If have you read my previous review on another extra long iPhone charging cable, you know that not all charging cables are created equally. Where other cheaper brands fail, Fuse Chicken soars. I’ve been using this charger for months and I have not had a single issue. In fact it has become my main charging cable.

If you want to try the Armour Stainless Steel Charging Cable or check out the other products from Fuse Chicken, check out their website.

We received this item for free or at a discount in exchange for an honest review.

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