Wise Palace Bar Set

Whether you’re looking to spruce up your bar, or you are a little OCD when it comes to where people put glasses and cups in your man cave, Wise Palace has got your back. They sent us their Coaster and Ice Ball Maker Set to test out.

81BBQn+pEYL._SL1500_When I first got my package in the mail, I was amazed by size. When people say size doesn’t matter, obviously never saw these coasters. Coming in at nearly four and a half inches, these things are massive. They are probably big enough for any mug, glass, or heck, even bowl you can throw at it. They are made of a durable rubber silicone and can easily be cleaned by running under some water. The coasters are also reversible, with a different pattern on each side.

thumb_IMG_0503_1024In addition to the coasters and their included holder, you also get an ice ball maker. This silicone ice tray allows you to make the perfect ice ball. Make them with just water, or infuse them with fresh fruit or herbs. But don’t think you will get the perfect ice ball right out of the gate. Once you’ve made your ice and taken the ice balls out from the silicone mold, there will be a rough edge when the two silicone halves met. To get the perfect ice ball, I suggest running each ball under some warm water between your hands, rubbing down the edges.

If you want to give these a shot, you can pick them up for less than $14 on Amazon.

We received this item for free or at a discount in exchange for an honest review.


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