Mosquitos Suck – Keep Them Away with Repellant Patches

It’s a fact. Mosquitos suck. Whether you’re camping, on a hike, or even trying to enjoy some down time in your own backyard; mosquitos can really put a damper on your fun. Thanks to Justified Laboratories, you now have a way of keeping those blood suckers away without having to cover yourself in a disgusting spray or lighting candles or torches. It’s just as easy as putting a stamp on a letter.

IMG_0833Justified Laboratories sent us a pack of their Mosquito Repellant Patches. Inside each pack are 12 individual patches, designed to make you less desirable to mosquitos. And it does it without any harsh chemicals. Each patch is loaded with non-toxic essential oils that bugs hate. And because it is natural and deet free, the patches are safe for children and pregnant women.

IMG_0834Applying a patch is easy, simply give the patch a little rub down (to activate the oils), peel it off the backing and apply it to your skin. According to Justified Laboratories, you can also put the patch on clothes or furniture. But since the patches contain essential oils, which may stain, I wouldn’t suggest that. Each patch is about 1 inch by 1 inch and stick fairly easily to your skin. As far as how well they work, we’ve had a fairly mild summer so far, so the bugs have not been terrible. I am sure we will be able to put them to the test later as things heat up outside.

One thing I wish the patches came in was a resealable package. Once opened, the patches are left exposed. Since they are loaded with essential oils, they also pack a punch of a smell. Their smell quickly filled up our kitchen. We put them in a plastic ziplock bag, so we can use them as needed.

For just under $20 (or $15 on Amazon), you get 12 individual patches which last up to 8 hours. That may seem a little steep, but if you want to go a more natural route when it comes to protecting your family from bugs, this is an option. You can take a closer look at these Mosquito Repellant Patches on Justified Laboratories Website.

We received this item for free or at a discount in exchange for an honest review.



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