The Perfect Pocket Lantern – Suaoki Lantern

The camping season is officially here and we cannot wait to get back to the great outdoors to try out some of our newest gear. I am especially excited to use what I think is my favorite piece of new equipment: The Suaoki Camping LED Lantern and Flashlight.

IMG_0712Suaoki was nice enough to send us one before we head to the Adirondacks this weekend. I’ve had some time to use this around the house and I absolutely love it. The Suaoki Pocket Lantern can be used as an LED spotlight flashlight or a lantern. The light easily converts between the two by opening it like an accordion. The plastic tubing inside the shell expands creating an instant lantern. The material of the tubing absorbs and retracts the light in 360 degrees giving you a personal bubble of light. However, I would not suggest playing this lantern like an actual accordion. You could break the housing and plastic tubing. You wouldn’t want that.

IMG_0709The Suaoki lantern is perfect for those late night walks to a bathroom or navigating a trail. The light also has two brightness settings, so if you are just getting ready to sleep in your tent you can use the lower setting, while using the higher setting when outside. Of course each setting has its benefits. The lower setting, being that it will last longer on a charge; the higher setting is brighter.

What’s also great about this lantern is No Batteries Are Required! There is a built in battery you can charge using a simple cell phone charger or your computers USB port (a charging cable is included) or you can use the built in hand-crank to charge up the battery. So even if you are on a long trip in the woods you can easily charge up your lantern to be used. Since it uses LED lights, it doesn’t use a lot of power. This means, that just a couple seconds of cranking could be enough to give you enough lights for the time you need it.

The final and one of the most important features of this lantern is the charging USB port which can be used for emergencies. While the unit itself cannot charge your USB devices with the built in battery, the hand crank can charge your equipment for you. But not in the sense of giving you a full charge, but more for emergency uses. Say you are in the woods and your phone is dead but there is an emergency and you need to make a call. If you plug in the phone to the lantern and start cranking, it will give your phone enough juice to power on and make your call. This is a must have feature to anyone!

This lantern isn’t just for campers. These are perfect to have around the house in case of a power outage, or even a few in the car if you break down. You could probably use a few of these to substitute road flares. If you want to get one of two of these for yourself, you can order them directly on Amazon. You can also see some of Suaoki’s other products, by visiting their website.

We received this item for free or at a discount in exchange for an honest review.


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