No Bugs Here! – Pest Repeller Head to Head

When we bought our house last year, the previous owner left electronic pest repellers throughout the house. We left them in since moving in, and thanks to two different companies we are upgrading and adding to our defenses. It’s a head to head competition – It’s igadge vs. Home Guard.

Instead of paying for pest control, or using sprays or chemicals that may be harmful to pets and family members; many are turning to electronic pest repellers. But not all are created different. Home Guard and igadge sent us their latest devices to check out. Here’s how they compare.

Home Guard Electronic Pest Repeller

71Rvsf0bxVL._SL1500_What I like about the Home Guard Electronic Pest Repeller is its small size and silent operation. Unlike many pest repellers I’ve seen, some have a clicking sound (which we will get to later). The Home Guard repeller is completely silent. There is no clicking sound at all. While some may see that as a benefit, I am also led to believe that the lack of clicking sound means a lack of protection. However, through my research I believe the clicking sound is the Ultrasonic Pest control clicking on and off. The lack of sound on the Home Guard repeller means it is running it’s Ultrasonic sound 24/7. Where the Home Guard device is lacking, is in it’s variety of repellant methods. This is where the igadge device shines.

igadge Ultimate 5 in 1

817SrpTQdTL._SL1500_As I just mentioned, the igadge Ultimate 5 in 1 Pest Repeller uses more than one type of pest deterrent. In additional to using Ultrasonic sounds, which can be heard only by pests and rodents, the igadge also uses Ionic Pest control as well as Electro-Vibrawave technology. According to documents provided with the device, the Ionic Pest control feature is used to clean the air in your house, as it is odors and smells that may attack from tests. The Electro-Vibrawave technology somehow pumps magnetic vibrations through the wiring of the plug it is plugged into to scare of rodents. This is the first time I’ve heard of a feature like this, but I’d be willing to try anything if it will keep my house pest free.

The Ultimate 5 in 1 also promises to scare off things like ticks, silverfish (I hate them!), and scorpions. While we don’t have to worry about scorpions here, I do like the wide range of things they can scare away. However, the issue I found with this device and many other devices, is they do not work permanently outdoors. Sure, you can bring one outside; but they are not waterproof. I wish a company would come along and offer a year round outdoor pest repeller.

Both devices operate the same way. You essentially plug them into your wall outlet and that’s it. Both feature a blue nightlight feature, but the Ultimate 5 in 1 also offers an additional plug outlet, so you don’t loose one in your wall. Unfortunately, the Ultimate 5 in 1 also appears to be offered by other sellers on amazon. It looks like companies are using the same device, but slapping their own name on it. As for the Home Guard pest repeller, I couldn’t find any other companies using the same device under different names.

Both the Home Guard and the igadge Pest Repellers are available on amazon, however at the time of writing this review both companies had zero available.

We received both items for free or at a discount in exchange for an honest review.

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