Goldeg Guitar Pick Maker

I have been playing guitar and bass for most of my life now. Several years back I received a Pick Punch for Christmas and posted a review for it here. Over the years it has helped me make at least a hundred of my own homemade guitar picks. Since the Pick Punch has picked up in popularity, a lot of companies are starting to come out with their own guitar pick makers to cash in on the popularity. Goldeg is one of those companies.

IMG_0652Goldeg sent us their guitar pick punch to try out. While it’s similar in function and has its benefits, its not as good as the original. Coming in at just 13 bucks on amazon, the price point can’t be beat. The fact that you get 10 samples of plastic to make your first bunch of picks, makes this deal even sweeter. The Pick Punch and other pick makers don’t come with plastic at the base price. If you want the plastic included, you will be paying a premium price. Of course, you can still make picks out of old credit cards, and plastics, the inclusion of some colored pieces of is a nice addition.

One thing I noticed while researching this product, is that it’s not original. Yes, we know the pick punch exists, but the design of the pick maker used by Goldeg, is the same design used by a number of other sellers on Amazon. It seems like there is one company out there creating these, and a variety of companies are slapping their names on it. But, I could be wrong.

When it comes to how the pick maker works, its essentially an oversized hole-punch. Instead of putting holes in paper, you punch holes in plastic, creating your pick. The biggest issue I had with the Goldeg pick maker, is its ease of use. It’s not easy at all. With my Pick Punch, I am able to make guitar picks without breaking a sweat. Just place the plastic in, push down and enjoy my pick. With the Goldeg, I was surprised at how much force I needed to apply to make a single pick (check out the video below for a demonstration).

If you’d like to try the Goldeg Pick Maker yourself, you can order yours today, on Amazon.

We received this item for free or at a discount in exchange for an honest review.


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