Sprouts Throat Remedy

If you are looking for something natural that helps to fight off a cold or sore throat then this may just be what you are looking for. This is a blend that consists of Echinacea, Elderberry, Red root, Green tea, Thyme, Myrrh gum, & Kelp. That is it. No fillers or artificial ingredients. No sweeteners, alcohol, or even water. Pure herbal goodness.

The recommended dose is 6 sprays up to twice daily. And it is not recommended during nursing or pregnancy unless you first consult your physician.


I found this to really help fight off any sickness the past few months. I am a nanny and am around kids who sneeze and cough on me quite often. They have had colds during this test period, as has the He to our We, and I managed to (knock on wood) stay germ free, and healthy. If I am around a lot of sickness, or feel a slight tingle in my throat, I make sure to use this right away. It seems to help get rid of anything before it starts. Perhaps I was just lucky and my immune system was really strong, but I do think this is what helped me. I also do not even use the full dose. I use 2-3 sprays  3-4 times a day instead. I am sensitive to a lot of things, especially caffeine and get palpitations easily from products that contain even natural ingredients such as these. The green tea effected me I believe, and if I did a full dose of this at once I would have palpitations shortly after. Not fun. But using less at a time seemed to help this and still seemed to work.

The taste is surprisingly not awful. Always a plus. I actually find it quite tolerable and almost enjoyable. It isn’t too bitter or sour, or just plain disgusting. Score.

This is also great for singers, professional speakers, etc… as it helps alleviate swelling, stimulates fluid circulation, and improves irritation within 6-24 hrs.

I would recommend this for those that get sick often, are around those that are sick often, or have a job where they use their voice often.

$24 for a 2fl oz bottle on Sproutsremedies.com

*we received this item at a deep discount in exchange for our honest opinion. All opinions are our own.









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