BodyGlide – The Perfect Gift for Runners

Chaffing. It might be every runners worst nightmare. It doesn’t happen every single time we run, but when it happens, it very uncomfortable. Thanks to BodyGlide there is now a roll on stick, giving you the opportunity to put and end to that uncomfortable rubbing.

71n4ANQtZCL-1._SL1500_BodyGlide was able to hook us up with two of their anti-chaffe balms to try out. Each container is similar to a stick of deodorant. Turn the dial on the bottom to raise some of the balm, then apply to the desired areas. Most runners, including myself, will probably apply this kind of stuff to their thighs. I found that throughout my run, I didn’t get any uncomfortable feeling, and even when my run was done, I could still feel the balm there; running strong and providing protection.

As embarrassing as it might be I tried using BodyGlide on my nipples as well, but unfortunately it wasn’t cold enough for me to really put it to the test. (If nipple talk makes you uncomfortable, I suggest skipping the rest of this paragraph.) While BodyGlide does provide ample protection from rubbing, I am not sure that it would stay on completely on the tip of the nipple on those cold runs. I think if you were to apply a generous amount, it might make it through the run. But then again, the distance and length of your run will certainly factor in to how well BodyGlide Protects.

During the days I used Body Glide, I felt the protection throughout the entire day. To really put it to the test, I applied to parts of my body and went about my entire day. By the evening, I could still feel where I applied the BodyGlide. Though those areas where not “high chaffing” areas, I wanted to see how well the protectant layer would stay there, and whether or not it would keep the applied areas dry or add extra moisture. I would say, it did neither, which is a good thing. So wearing BodyGlide will not add any discomfort, as it feels like it’s not even there.

If you want to pick up a stick of BodyGlide, you can order a stick for a few bucks directly from their website or amazon. I was even able to find it at my local Olympia Sports.

We received this item for free or at a discount in exchange for an honest review.



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