FunFitness No Tie Laces

Shoes are a clothing item we don’t typically accessorize. Back in the 90’s there used to be lace clips, which featured, the faces of your favorite cartoon characters like Bart Simpson or a Ninja Turtle. Then a few years ago, we saw a slight trend in elastic-coiled laces that allowed you to pull your laces tight. Well there is a new horse in town. Silicone Elastic No-Tie Laces.

IMG_0552FunFitness sent us a pair to try out and I love them. I typically don’t tie my shoes regularly. I tie them when I first get them to the size of my foot, then slip the shoes on and off as I wear them. However, wearing slightly loose shoes can be bad for you. There is no support and your shoes could easily slip off. By adding these silicone laces, I get a nice tight fit, keeping my shoes in place and my foot supported.

The FunFitness No-Tie laces come in a rainbow of colors, which two options 12 pieces (6  “laces” per shoe) or 16 pieces (8 “laces” per shoe). I got the 12 piece set to try out, however, for the extra dollar, I would suggest getting the 16 piece set, just in case you have larger feet or wider shoes, you have more of a selection of sizes, as each set comes with laces in various sizes. The difference in sizes is designed to use the shorter laces closer to your toes and the longer laces by your ankle.

If you want to pick up a pair of these FunFitness laces you can grab some today from amazon.


We received this item for free or at a discount in exchange for an honest review.

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