T-Spray Oral Spray

Mouth Wash. We don’t always use it, and it’s something we can’t exactly keep on us at all times. So why not keep something on hand that can help keep your mouth clean? Thanks to T-Spray from Toothfilm, now you can.

51p9wh3xMHL._SX425_We were able to give their Mint Flavor T-Spray a shot. Combining oils, Xylitol and other ingredients, T-Spray is designed to help freshen breath, while protecting your teeth and gum line. When combined with your brushing and flossing, T-Spray can help your mouth feel extra clean. Simply spray onto your teeth and gums and slide your tongue along the surface of your teeth to spread the spray and ensure even coverage. Because of the oil in the spray, it made my mouth feeling a little waxy, so I would spit out the remainder of what was in my mouth after use, but that wasn’t too terrible. With the additional of Xylitol, T-Spray is designed to help keep your teeth strong and prevent cavities.

If you’ll like to try T-Spray for yourself, you can pick up a bottle in one of three flavors (Mint, Cranberry, or Green Tea) right from Amazon.

We received this item for free in exchange for an honest review.


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