Bluetooth Madness – Atolla S5

Bluetooth Madness continues at We Used That. This time we are taking a look at the Atolla S5 headset. Designed to be water resistant for those work outs in the rain, the S5 headset is designed to give you convenience and comfort, however the headset misses the mark on one of those things.

IMG_0331Right out of the box, the first thing I noticed about this headset was its size. It’s not exactly compact. Because there is no separate microphone or control, everything is built into the physical ear buds. This makes them extremely bulky. This bulkiness leads me to my next issue with the headset; the comfortability factor. Unfortunately, the large size of the actual ear pieces caused the buds to dig into my ears. I tried to make minor adjustments, but it felt like no matter what I did, there was still plastic housing digging into my ear. Because of this flaw, I was only able to wear this headset for a short period of time before having to give my ears a break.

51E2Q2QJOaL._SL1024_But this headset does not come without is positives. The sound quality on the headset was pretty decent. I always like to put on a nice dance mix when testing out headsets. I was able to get a nice response of bass and treble tones, making this headset great sounding. I was also surprised as the quality of phone calls. The people I spoke to sounded fine, and the same could say about how I sounded to them. Because the microphone is not on the wire of the headset, putting it close to your mouth; it is built into one of the ear buds. I thought for sure the mic would not be able to pick up my voice, but the people I spoke to said they could hear me just fine.

IMG_0330In terms of controls, you have three buttons on the headset. You main function button to answer and end calls as well as your your switches to toggle volume and track selection. One thing I noticed is the track control and volume control functions are swapped. Typically the + Volume control goes to the next song, while the  – Volume goes to the previous track. On this headset it’s backwards. The volume up buttons takes you back a song, while the volume down button advances the tracks. If you would like to activate voice control, you cannot do it with the headset. Instead you will need to hold the home button down on the phone, then speak into the headset. Holding the main function button on the headset will only turn it off.

For less than $20 on amazon, you can certainly give the Atolla S5 bluetooth headset a shot. While my ears did not like the shape of the ear buds, yours might. In addition to getting your headset, you will also get a charging cable as well as a range of ear buds to find the right size for your ear.

We received this item for free or at a discount in exchange for an honest review.

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