Sayonara Snoring – Snore Relieving Nose Vents

Over the course of the past few months, I started to start snoring.. A lot. And trust me, I am reminded each morning. To make matters worse, I use a mouth guard to help with my TMJ, so I can’t use an anti-snoring mouth piece. So what else can I do. Lucky for us, we got to try two different nose vents. It’s ProDucts vs. Snore Reliever Nose Vents.

IMG_0303Both nose vents are similar in make and build but they do have some small differences that make a big difference in functionality and comfort. Both the ProDucts and Snore Reliever vents are made from BPA free silicon, making them soft and malleable for inserting into your nose. After crawling into bed, take your nose, vent and slide them up your nostrils. You would think having silicon stuck up your nose would be uncomfortable, but I was able to find myself get used to them right away.

IMG_0304Snore Reliever

Each other of snore reliever nose vents comes with six different sized vents in a few different styles. If a vent is too big for your nose it can simply be cut down and trimmed. Each vent is a solid tube connected at the bottom. However, there is no tapering at the top end of each vent. This can be slightly uncomfortable if you place the vents to far into your nose. But since you are getting so many, it could definitely be possible for a couple to share just one container as there are enough vents inside.


ProDucts are my preferred pair of nose vents. Instead of being a solid tube of silicon, ProDucts have a vented shape, making them thinner and more malleable. In addition, they are also tapered at the top giving them a cone shape. This allows them to fit more comfortable in your nose. However, unlike Snore Reliever, you only get four pairs of ProDucts of varying sizes.

If you are a mouth breather when you sleep, neither of these nose vents will help ease your snoring. However there are products out there that may help such as chin strap device or mouth guard, both of which are designed to push your jaw forward to ease your snoring. After testing both nose vents and determining that they were hit or miss, I talked to my chiropractor about it. He suggested that I be mindful as to how my head is positioned when falling asleep. If I can keep my head back as opposed to keeping my chin away from my chest, I can help alleviate my snoring. So far it’s been working out. If you are keeping your significant other up at night because of your snoring give these nose vents a try. If that doesn’t work, try another method. Any of these methods are are cheap enough they are worth the cost. Or, you can always try my method for free.



We received both items for free or at a discount in exchange for an honest review.

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