Live Infinitely Resistance Bands

Live Infinitely has been providing We Used That with a variety of fitness items as we continue our journey to become more physically fit. Most recently, they hooked up us with their Loop Resistance Bands to help us tone and stretch our muscles.

IMG_0289What’s nice about this set is the fact that you get a variety of bands with varying resistances. From Light to Heavy the bands range is about 3 pounds of resistance all the way up to 35 pounds. If you are looking for even more of a challenge, you can double up on bands for even more resistance. To make sure you don’t lose or misplace any of your bands, you get a nice carrying bag to put them in. However, I noticed that once you have all of the bands out, it’s kind of awkward to put them back into the bag. I think if they choose a different design for the bag, it would have been a slight improvement, and made it easier to put the bands away.

One thing I thought was a little weird at first was the size of the bands. They are thicker than traditional resistance bands. Each band is 14″ x 3″. At first glance, I thought the only exercise I would really be able to do with these were the traditional leg raises. (I am used to larger resistance bands that go under my feet and can still be held by my hands.) However, after watching a brief video on Live Infinitely’s website, I learned that there are actually a range of different motions and exercises I can do. The benefit of the bands being 3″ thick as opposed to other thinner ones, is it gives you more support when doing your exercises, also making you more comfortable.

IMG_0286In addition to the brief training video I found on the product page of their website, Live Infinitely also offers an free ebook as well as training videos which can be viewed and downloaded from there website here. The ebook  includes a wide range of exercises as well as a quick any-time workout that includes a 2 minute cardio workout. While the ebook includes workouts for the arms and upper body, I feel that resistance bands of this size are still best for lower body & leg workouts. That’s perfectly fine. Who wouldn’t want a toned booty?

If you’re looking to add some new movements to your daily routine, or maybe you want to start toning up some of those unused muscles, these resistance bands could be a good jumping off point. If you travel often and your hotel doesn’t have a gym, these resistance bands can easily fit in any bag and be used anywhere. Thanks to the wide range in resistance, you can find the right band or combination of bands to give you the best workout.

You can buy these bands directly from Live Infinitely on their website, or get them for less by shopping on Amazon.



We received this item for free or at a discount in exchange for an honest review


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