Fitzy seat cushion

Fitzy makes a pretty good seat cushion for pain relief and comfort. I let my sister use this on Easter as she is in a wheelchair and was very uncomfortable in her smaller chair. Once we put this under her, she never said anything about being in discomfort again. It stayed put, without sliding, making adjusting her or moving her chair easy and not dangerous. It is nice that it comes with 2 mesh covers, so they can easily be removed and (machine) washed.

This is great for not only wheelchairs, but office chairs, car seats, or dining room chairs. Help align the spine, and add extra cushion that is sometimes much needed. The cut out relieves pressure on the tailbone, while reducing pressure on the hips, pelvis, & buttocks. It will help alleviate back pain and make sitting for extended periods of time less painful. I definitely recommend this if you have problems with your back, sit for long periods of time, or know someone who does. Also great for travel. Use on the airplane, train, and in long car rides. Has a convenient carry handle.



You can purchase this item on Amazon for $33.97

I received this item at a deep discount in exchange for my honest opinion. All opinions are my own.



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