Bigger Doesn’t Mean Better

iPhones have become one of the most popular phones on the market. But unlike other smart phones out there, Apple still uses a proprietary power adapter. This makes getting away from the one that came in the box a tough task. Making matters worse, the factory supplied cable is short, keeping you tethered to the wall or computer when charging or syncing. While finding a third party charging cable isn’t exactly a hard task, finding a reliable one is. Reach Cables sent us a 10 foot cable guaranteed to work with all of my devices, but unfortunately it didn’t.

IMG_0263You can’t go wrong with having more cable than you need. With a 10 foot long iPhone cable, I can plug my phone in behind my bed, and keep that cable there, while still having the ease to use my phone nearly anywhere in the room without having the stretch the cable thin. You can also use this cable in your car, your office, kitchen or any where in your home. With 10 feet of cable you can get the ability to move about without having to be so close to your charger. At least that would be the idea if the cable was dependable. Unfortunately the Reach Cable I received is not.

FullSizeRenderOn first use, the cable worked perfectly fine. The nice braided cord felt strong and durable and  gave me a full charge in just over 2 hours. That just slightly longer than it would take for a factory cable to charge my phone, but still decent. Without getting too technical, the longer charge time was expected. Since there is more cable, there is more resistance, therefore some of the energy going to the phone is lost during its journey through the cable,meaning charge time will be longer.
Once it came down to using the cable routinely, I began to see issues. It wasn’t charging my phone. I would plug it in, my phone would tell me it was charging, then return 30 minutes later to check my email only to find my phone was no longer charging. At first I thought maybe my phone case was preventing the cable from getting a good connection. Ok, that’s not a problem. I’ll take the case off. I gave it another shot. I plugged the phone in and went to bed. I woke up the next morning to see my phone’s battery at a whopping 2%!

While Reach Cables has a guarantee on its cables, taking a look at the other Amazon Reviews, I can see that I am not alone with it comes to the issues, this cable poses. For less than $10 on Amazon you can press your luck and try one for yourself, or find something else more dependable. As for myself, I have switched to the FuzeChicken charger, which I will be reviewing soon. Stay tuned for that!



We received this item for free or at a discount in exchange for an honest review.


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