drool-worthy bandana bibs


Bandana bibs are the new trend in baby wear. They look stylish while protecting babies clothing, so these ‪‎comfywave‬ bibs are great for parents that love to have their kids always looking fashionable. And dry.

This set came in a handy pouch, great for carrying in your diaper bag or for keeping spares in your car. Always having bibs handy is a good thing. They look like a bandana, but are super soft on the back, with a snap around the neck. This makes these not only adorable, but comfortable for baby. Most bibs have velcro, which can irritate babies sensitive skin when worn for an extended period of time. These snaps make it easy to put on, and stay on, without having to worry about rash or irritation. They seem to be very absorbent as well. Shortly after putting one on my little friend, he spit up quite a lot, and he stayed dry. The bib wasn’t even damp on the back side. Amazing. The prints are cute as well, and with the variety of color and prints, it makes it easy to complement many outfits. This pack would be great for boys and girls alike. Very gender neutral.

I would definitely recommend these for your baby, or as a gift. Would be wonderful for a baby shower.


my little friend Owen modeling these bandana bibs. (this baby is property of: Melanie & Casey Andrews. He is not for sale.)

I received this item at a deep discount in exchange for my honest opinion. All opinions are my own.

You can purchase these on AMAZON for $19


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